National Lighting Bureau Panel on TM-30

Remember the days of film photography, when different choices would give you a different color profile? Like Kodachrome vs. Ektachrome.

Personally, I don’t remember this. But I did learn about it on YouTube.

Soon, you might use similar descriptors when you buy lighting. Or at least you’ll be able to understand how lighting makes you look, and how it makes your environment look.

Say you want to emphasize the red hues in your mid-century walnut veneer credenza. Or you want that navy blue accent wall to pop. Maybe you just want to make sure skin tones are stunning in the bedroom.

There’s a new standard that lets you understand the color-rendering properties of a light bulb.

It’s called TM-30–15. Definitely rolls off the tongue.

The name isn’t the only complex aspect of TM-30. But the standard lays the groundwork for a world of new lighting possibilities.

I had an opportunity to discuss TM-30 with some lighting experts at a recent event in Washington, D.C.

In the panel, we explore what TM-30 is, what the reception has been so far, and where it’s headed.

Check out the video below (or at this link). Note that this panel is targeted at the lighting industry, but most of their eyes probably glaze over too.

Greg Yeutter